Ha An broom craft village has a tradition of more than 150 years. Despite many ups and downs, the broom making profession is still preserved by the people here.
Ms. Le Thi Linh’s family has been in the broom industry for more than 60 years.
Stable thanks to working as a broom
It is unknown when the profession of making brooms in Ha An village (Thach My commune, Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province) appeared. According to the elders in the village, this profession has been introduced to the locality for more than 150 years.
At that time, some households in Ha An, at the end of winter and early spring, often invited each other to go to the Northwest provinces to buy Dot trees to make brooms to sell and earn extra income. Over time, broom making became a traditional local profession and passed down from generation to generation.
Ms. Le Thi Linh (79 years old, residing in Ha An village) said that her family has been working in the broom industry for more than 60 years. In addition to farming, making brooms is considered a side job to increase the family’s income.

According to Ms. Linh, many years ago, in Ha An village, if a family made a broom, their living standard would be more stable. Although not much, thanks to making brooms, people here also earn extra income to cover their daily lives.
Having been attached to the dot tree for nearly 50 years, Mr. Phan Van Son (65 years old) informed that most people in the village produce in small households, taking advantage of their leisure time to make dot brooms to earn extra income. As the market demand for brooms grows stronger, broom making also becomes the main source of income for many households.
“In the past, when transportation was difficult and raw materials for the profession were scarce, every January when the dot tree bloomed, many families went to buy dot trees to dry and store. For a quality broom, the broom material must be exposed to enough sunlight and have a beautiful blue-gray color” – Mr. Son said.
According to many people, a skilled worker can make 20-30 products on average every day, bringing in an income of about 200,000 VND.
Preserving traditional crafts
The profession of making brooms is the pride of many people in Ha An village, because this is a “lifesaver” product that helps them overcome many difficulties. However, for a long time, this traditional profession also fell into a situation of scarcity of workers. Because the people who still stick to the profession are all older people, while young people are very few who are interested in the profession.
Mr. Le Tien Hoa (52 years old, residing in Ha An village) said that it is because the quality and design of the products have not improved, the price is low, and the consumer market is unstable, making it difficult to “retain” workers. Making broomsticks in Ha An has also become more difficult than ever.
“Consumer needs are changing more and more, product quality requirements are becoming more and more strict, meanwhile, our village’s broom products at that time could not meet them” – Mr. Hoa explained.
According to Mr. Hoa, to suit customer tastes, besides the traditional main product of rattan braided brooms, new types of brooms such as plastic-handled brooms, wire-wrapped brooms… are also promoted by many households. strong production.
As a person who is very passionate about preserving the local traditional profession, Mr. Le Tien Dung (66 years old) mobilized many others to establish the Ha An Broom Industry Association of which he is the president. The association currently has 12 families with about 30 workers and Mr. Dung is the person responsible for providing raw materials and purchasing products.
With a sense of responsibility and love for his profession, Mr. Dung encouraged, encouraged, and supported other members to take care of production to have a stable income and improve their lives. Every year he sells about 200 thousand brooms to the market inside and outside the province, with a revenue of more than 2 billion VND and a profit of about 200 million VND.
In addition to traditional occupations, in Ha An village, there are about 6 households trading dot materials and are also the village’s major broom makers. Each ton of dot brought back for resale also brings a profit of 5-7 million VND. The price usually ranges from 25-33 million VND/ton. Every year, Ha An village consumes thousands of tons of dotwood and nearly 10,000 brooms.
Currently, the local government is encouraging people to expand the scale by supporting loans and orienting the planning of material gathering yards to help people do their jobs.
Mr. Le Tien Luong – Chairman of Thach My Commune People’s Committee said that the broom making profession in Ha An village was passed down from his father and is hundreds of years old. Currently, the entire commune has more than 160 households maintaining this traditional profession and most of them are concentrated in Ha An village.

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